Thank you Eric!

We HIGHLY recommend Eric, he surpassed our expectations and was very responsive to our needs! He helped us sell our home and buy our current home within one month. The sale of our house went pretty smoothly-sold in a day and got asking price. The purchase of our new home seemed to be going good until 10 days before closing!! We were put in a situation by the OTHER realtor and sellers of the house that we certainly did not expect. Eric did a great job at keeping us in the loop with all the new information. We were able to close on both houses in the time frame we wanted.

What we valued the most:

1. Professional and experienced realtor. All around Eric gave us great advice for getting our house sold at the price we wanted. On the purchase side, he did a great job at keeping us up to date with ongoings of the situation. At all times he was professional and took the time to explain to us some real estate processes and terms we weren’t familiar with (since we aren’t realtors! :)).

2. Eric will respond to you quickly, via email, text or phone.

— Adrian & Melinda Cortez